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Greytown Distilling Co

750ml Tweed Martini Connoisseur Premium Gin – wholesale

750ml Tweed Martini Connoisseur Premium Gin – wholesale

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Tweed gin is a very special blend, handcrafted for cocktail perfection. Fancy gin for a more refined palate, Tweed blends old world structure with new world complexity. Look for some smooth chamomile and floral elderflower character that are brought alive with the citrus notes of lemon peel. It’s a townie taste.


Judges comments: “The delicate and inviting aromatic profile opens with citrus notes, leading to a palate abundant in zesty orange and satsuma peel flavours. A long, generous finish showcases perfect balance and an indulgent silky quality, with a lingering touch of pine and musk adding depth and complexity.”

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