As soon as we make them, we pour our premium gins into our high-quality long-life stainless steel flasks.

Not only are they a good looking durable and lightweight container, they’re sneaky easy to slip into a coat pocket or bag if you are heading out to the theatre or a concert.  We also recommend keeping your gins in the freezer and you can do that worry free when they are stored in our distinctive flasks.

Most importantly, they’re recyclable. Bring your empties back to the GDC Tasting Shed inside Blackwell and Sons at 110 Main Street, Greytown, we’ll exchange them, and knock $5 off the usual retail price. Even if you don’t want a refill just yet, you can return the flasks to us and we’ll reuse them – provided, of course, you’ve kept them free of dents, scratches and defacements. Thanks for that!

We’re big on reducing waste and keeping our environment pristine. It’s our home and it deserves the all the care in the world.