Crisp morning frosts, vivid full moons and the crackle of a cosy fireplace on those chilly Greytown evenings. Solstice 24 gins celebrate the colder months that give us new excuses to gather good people around us for warm conversations.


Solstice 24 Edition

Host your own gin tasting session, take it to a party or just arrive at your friends’ place with the carry box to show you mean business. Our beloved three gin selection pack contains three 375ml stainless steel flasks, containing FROSTBITE, FIRESIDE and MOONGLOW Solstice gins. It comes with tasting notes and two of our foil embossed Greytown Distilling Company logo coasters. This is a gift solution that will delight its recipient more than any other present they receive. You will be the gift king or queen.



Originally scheduled for a limited release in May 2023, Frostbite raced to the top of our fan favourite list and stayed there. Our goal with Frostbite was to formulate a gin that would bring the essence of a subzero Greytown frost to the glass. Pink Peppercorns, garden Mint and Lemon Peel in precise quantities from the GDC director’s home gardens create what we describe as the Frostbite gasp. Form your lips in an O shape and breathe in quickly after you have sipped your Frostbite.

Of course, the colder, the better so it is best stored in the freezer and served over crushed ice with lemon and either soda water or a light Indian tonic, or stirred with a splash of dry vermouth and a lemon twist to create a simple Frostbite martini.


Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Orange and Malted Barley bring a woodsy, smoky and classic vintage essence to a gin that evokes a cosy night in when the weather is perfect for fireside reading. Would it be incredible mulled with some Molewood apple juice, Greytown honey, cloves, star anise and a small pinch of chilli flakes? With cinnamon sticks to garnish? Funny you should ask. It’s a great way to balance out the richness of slow cooked meats like heritage pork shoulder.

The warm version is a perfect winter evening treat but it’s just as spectacular icy cold and enjoyed with a good ginger beer over ice. We believe Fireside Gin has the staying power to help you move smoothly between the seasons and you’ll be begging for winter to hang on for a little longer so your Fireside evenings continue to be enjoyed.

MOONGLOW Connoisseur Selection GIN

Mysterious and romantic, our new Moonglow Gin is as seductive as a liqueur and creates, when blended over ice with a dry vermouth and served with an olive, a martini that would feel at home in the most sophisticated London cocktail bar. If you’d like to add even more theatrical magic to your drinks, mix up a 25% Moonglow Gin / 75% Indian Tonic over ice in a highball glass, add a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint and turn on an LED UV. That should set the evening alight.

Moonglow Gin with a delicious blend of Ginger, Lime and Maple Syrup is inspired by the full moon rising over the Remutuka Range after a fresh fall of snow, and of course the 1934 tune of the same name, re-released by Carly Simon in 2005. It’s the perfect version to play as you sip your Moonglow Martini.

The Groundbreaker Selection

Our tribute to the original Greytown Six – pioneering men and women who beat staggering odds to establish New Zealand’s first planned inland European settlement.

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A very limited range of rare and limited release library edition gins, suitable for collectors or connoisseurs.