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Greytown Distilling Co

CASE OF SIX – 750ml Frostbite Premium Gin – wholesale

CASE OF SIX – 750ml Frostbite Premium Gin – wholesale

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Originally scheduled for a limited release in May 2023, Frostbite raced to the top of our fan favourite list and stayed there. Our goal with Frostbite was to formulate a gin that would bring the essence of a subzero Greytown frost to the glass. Pink Peppercorns, garden Mint and Lemon Peel in precise quantities from the GDC director’s home gardens create what we describe as the Frostbite gasp. Form your lips in an O shape and breathe in quickly after you have sipped your Frostbite.

Of course, the colder, the better so it is best stored in the freezer and served over crushed ice with lemon and either soda water or a light Indian tonic, or stirred with a splash of dry vermouth and a lemon twist to create a simple Frostbite martini.

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