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Greytown Distilling Co

750ml Moonglow Martini Connoisseur Premium Gin

750ml Moonglow Martini Connoisseur Premium Gin

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Mysterious and romantic, our new Moonglow Gin is as seductive as a liqueur and creates, when blended over ice with a dry vermouth and served with an olive, a martini that would feel at home in the most sophisticated London cocktail bar. If you’d like to add even more theatrical magic to your drinks, mix up a 25% Moonglow Gin / 75% Indian Tonic over ice in a highball glass, add a slice of lemon and a sprig of mint and turn on an LED UV. That should set the evening alight.

Moonglow Gin with a delicious blend of Ginger, Lime and Maple Syrup is inspired by the full moon rising over the Remutuka Range after a fresh fall of snow, and of course the 1934 tune of the same name, re-released by Carly Simon in 2005. It’s the perfect version to play as you sip your Moonglow Martini.

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