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Greytown Distilling Co

750ml Seafarer Premium Gin

750ml Seafarer Premium Gin

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Seafarer gin is like a stroll along the shoreline; you can feel the fresh salty spray from Angelica with its celery notes, some spicy cinnamon and we’ve added a hint of foraged kelp from the south coast to provide an authentic essence of the high seas. Sip it at a beach picnic, of course.


Between 1839 and the 1890s, several hundred sailing ships brought tens of thousands of immigrants from Europe to New Zealand, the longest sea journey in the world. Conditions were harsh, and books, quoits, gambling and fighting were the ways passengers passed time on the gruelling three month journey. London Dry gin of course would have helped relieve the boredom and start some of the fights. We’re hoping our nautically-inspired London Dry Seafarer gin will have a more positive influence on your social occasions.

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