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Greytown Distilling Co

750ml Stationmaster Martini Connoisseur Selection Gin

750ml Stationmaster Martini Connoisseur Selection Gin

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Discovering the rich, fertile soils that were formed by the river silt, a handful of Greytown’s early settlers brought apple seeds with them from England and Europe and planted the areas surrounding the new township with it’s first orchards. We’ve taken apples from some of those remaining orchards, together with walnuts and Cassia to create a deliciously delicate London Dry style gin that has earned our Martini Connoisseur status.


Greytown’s Woodside Railway Station opened on 14 May 1880, operated by the Public Works Department, initially with two trains between Greytown and Wellington each day. The original station master welcoming passengers onto the platform, Robert Hodgson was the great grandfather of GDC director Adam Blackwell. Stationmaster gin pays tribute to the courageous travellers who took the nail-biting three hour journey up and over the Remutakas to arrive at Woodside, before transferring to Greytown on the connection track.

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